My name is Heather Noonan-Sheeks.

I decided to write a blog to share some of my experiences with style and decorating on a shoestring budget. My husband and I have been married for just a couple of years and like a lot of people in this economy, we are trying to just get by and do not have much left over for extras. So, I have to get creative. I have to accept freebie furniture, purchase accessories at thrift and discount stores and makeover items I’ve had for years. This has led me to my funky and sometimes disjointed personal style.
We were fortunate enough to purchase our first house last year and although it is only a few years old, needed some serious help. The carpets were matted down and filthy, the walls were all marked up and some of the fixtures are well, cheap. Don’t even get me started on the landscaping, or lack thereof. With a little paint, help from my dad and some inexpensive decor, it’s definitely getting there but still a work in progress. I still have a home improvement list about a mile long.
So, this blog is going to be dedicated to my mistakes, successes and tips to help others make the most out of what they already have and the things they find on the cheap (with a sense of humor of course).
A few things you should know about me.
I am not very organized, I try, I really do but just when I get my office organized and everything in its place, I can’t find something and then tear everything up looking for whatever it was. I think this is important to know because the blogs that I always read make it look like people live in these perfect little houses where the drains never clog and the dishwasher never goes on the fritz. Yep, that’s right I live in the real world.
I am the most productive at about 9pm to midnight. I have tried my whole life to be one of those early to bed, early to rise people but for some reason, I like the night life.
I drink way to much coffee.
I don’t have a specific style. I like a wide range of things so I have to edit to avoid becoming a crazy hoarder.
I make it a point not to collect anything specific because there is a fine line between collecting and hoarding. Despite that fact, I find myself drawn to the color peacock blue and find myself purchasing peacock items frequently lately.
I love color. Some people are afraid to use bold colors in their décor or to use more than one. That is not me. I have to reign it in and find neutrals to simplify things or my love of color will become out of control.
I have an overactive imagination and find it hard to focus on one thing at a time…….Oooooooo shiny….. Seriously it’s a problem.

I have a really sarcastic sense of humor.
But also, you should know I have a sign on my living room wall that says Faith, Family, Friends and I think that sums up what I am about perfectly.